Xikaya is an online marketing company established in 2016 to provide online marketing solutions and part time work opportunities to its subscribers.

By offering a proven work opportunity to the subscribers, Xikaya aims to offer a reliable source of earning with best in the industry technical and manpower support.

Xikaya is driven by the mission of “Empowering people through paychecks and technology”. This philosophy motivates each member to make sure that you continue to earn enough in long run.

Our team in an amalgam of diverse professionals including top notch executives, industry known technocrats, high profile advocates, renowned charted accountants, successful doctors and marketers. Coming from various professions adds more challenges to our motto of bringing new concepts over internet and make things easier for our customers.



This team is composed of one set of client base that collaborates with us for their promotional or research base projects that often needs attention or opinion from test consumers. We often spend time and skills in understanding the requirements as well as suitablility of the promoters to ensure the targeted results. Our system flow is incomplete without this team and hence a dedicated set of employees work to maintain the regular flow of projects.


The team comprised of business associates that represent the company in their respective locations and expand the user base. These business associates work as independent entities however are abide by protocols of the company.. The franchisees are created and allocated based on geographical criterias, each region will have its own franchisee and no location can have more than one franchisee. Based on the quantum of region, franchisees are classified as super franchisee, master franchisee and franchisee.


This team has company's founder, co-founder, directors and Chief executive officer that drives the proper functioning of the entire company. This apex part of the company is responsible for forming up various strategies and action plan to make sure we direct towards our mission and vision statements..


Keeping a track of the whole accounts related parts of the organization is the key function of this group. This team is for Keeping check and controlling the stream of your funds. Comprising a devoted team of financial experts, the entire team is responsible for administration of financial guarantees, payouts, expenses exchange is the strength of this group and does it all skilfully


Raising and advancing the organization's standard and Brand is one of the fundamental role of this group. From confining up the business methodologies to assisting all the lower levels in their work execution, this active team is synchronizing the whole framework to work in its most ideal structure. Business organizing and online notoriety administration falls inside of their quarter. This team can be considered for framing the Xikaya idea in various parts of the nation. Outlining the business procedures and keeping up high on inspiration levels of company’s units is their landscape


The overseeing of whole organization and handling of the client base is the key part of this segment. With strong devoted experts this entire team has been doing wonders authoritative centralized server. Beginning from getting to know the framework and also its advantages, they will lead you through the method for making marvelous benefits by making you super comfortable with the entire system of Xikaya


Xikaya urges to introduce and develop new marketing tools that can help the marketers to spread the word about their products or services cost efficiently. We understand the importance of advertisements and how a targeted marketing strategy can make a product hit or flop.
Showing the right product or service to the right person with the right message is all we have been doing since our inception. The models that we create to make your offerings popular in turn also fetches financial benefits to the audience and therefore they take up your message very seriously
To inculcate holistic approach in our advertisement strategies, we not only pass your message to the targeted consumers but also offer the service of market research, website viewing, social media marketing and much more. We have also lined up the introduction of retail management e-commerce and money base transactional tools to expand the horizon of our services.